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                全新毅成網站 www.rcoutfitters.net


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                Climbing Wall Construction
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                英 國 戶 外 雜 誌 TRAIL 11月號 "Granger's Britain's Toughest Test 防水外套 "測試中 Montane 於衆多︻牌子中如 TNF, Nike, Mountain Hardwear, Lowe Alpine, Sprayway, Marmot, Helly Hansen, Berghaus, Haglofs 等等, 分別於不同類別中均獲得優異的測▅試結果!

                General Purpose 類別中Venture Jacket 獲得 第3.
                Multi-Activity 類別中 Superfly Jacket 獲得 第3.
                Lightweight 類別中 Quickfire Jacket 獲得 第3.
                Winter 類別中 Superfly XT Jacket
                獲得 第2.

                In the November 06 Waterproof Special, TRAIL magazine in the UK conducted a review of the world's best waterproof jackets, covering TNF, Nike, Mountain Hardwear, Lowe Alpine, Sprayway, Marmot, Helly Hansen, Berghaus, Haglofs etc. etc. Montane jackets achieved the very best overall result, with positions in each category as follows:

                General Purpose: Venture Jacket 3rd
                Multi-Activity: Superfly Jacket 3rd
                Lightweight: Quickfire Jacket 3rd
                Winter: Superfly XT Jacket 2nd

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                MAP details

                地址 Address : 
                九龍旺角皆老24-26東方大廈五及六樓                                                                    Tel : (852) 2390 0980/ 2390 0072
                (Apple Shop 樓上
                近旺角地鐵站D3出口左邊" 九龍表行" 旁小巷入)
                5/F & 6/F, Oriental House, 24-26 Argyle Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon.

                ( Mongkok MTR Exit D3, left alley next to the " Kowloon Watch " shop, red entrance)

                香港銅鑼灣軒尼詩道467-473號建德豐商業大廈2 (銅鑼灣地鐵C出口,通利琴行旁邊,六福珠寶樓上) Tel : (852) 2390 0020
                2/F, Kin Tak Fung Commercial Bldg, 467-473 Hennessy Road,Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
                (Causeway Bay MTR Exit C, next to Tom Lee Music, G/F is Luk Fook Jewellery. )

                元朗大棠路29-33號大棠樓2樓B (千色廣場對面)                                                                   Tel : (852) 2390 2388

                Flat B, 1/F, Tai Tong Mansion, 29-33 Tai Tong Road, Yuen Long. (Opposite to the Citimall.)


                一田 (荃灣) 裝部毅成戶外用品專櫃 (荃灣廣場第三)                                                       Tel : (一田荃灣熱線) 2803 9107
                YATA (Tsuen Wan) RC Outfitters Counter (
                3/F, Tsuen Wan Plaza)

                一田 (沙田) 男裝部毅成戶外用品專櫃 (新城市廣場第三期)                                                       Tel : (一田沙田熱線) 2469 3038
                YATA (Tai Po) Men's Wear Department RC Outfitters Counter (Tai Po, Mega Mall Zone B)

                一田 (大埔) 男裝部毅成戶外用品專櫃
                Tel : (一田大埔熱線) 3761 1388
                YATA (Tai Po) Men's Wear Department RC Outfitters Counter (Tai Po, Mega Mall Zone B)

                Email: admin@alink.com.hk

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