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                全新毅成網站 www.rcoutfitters.net


                 Check out the new RC website now!>>

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                Climbing Wall Construction
                詳 情 for details >>

                KAYAKS Recommend


                more details 詳情 >>

                Inflatable Kayaks




                Recreational Kayaks



                Touring Kayaks


                如何入會 Become an RC Member

                I. 入會資格 Entry requirements:


                會員  Member


                凡在毅成一次▲過購物滿正價 HK$500 或以上 (可享即時會員優惠!)
                Single purchase with a total amount of HK$500 or above. ( can enjoy instant member discount!)


                或於6個月內累積收據滿折實價 HK$500 或以上
                Or accumulation of purchase with a total amount of HK$500 or above within 6 months.


                We also offer member discount to selected groups and organizations, present their member cards can join our free membership and enjoy RC member discount right away.
                For details >>

                VIP會員  VIP Member


                凡在毅成一次過購物滿正價 HK$3,000 或以上 (可享即時VIP會員優惠!)
                Single purchase with a total amount of HK$3,000 or above. ( can enjoy instant VIP member discount!)


                Or accumulation of purchase with a total amount of HK$2,000 or above within 2 years.


                永久VIP會員  LIFE VIP Member

                需本身為毅成』VIP會員方可申請  Applicant must be a VIP member.
                II. 申請辦法 Application :

                會員或VIP會員  Member or VIP Member
                請親臨任何一∏間分店,出示▲有效的正式收據及填︻妥入會表格後將獲發會員咭一張 。
                Present original receipts in person at any RC shops and fill in the application form.

                永久VIP會員  LIFE VIP Member
                出示有效的VIP會員咭及付行政費 HK$50,無須再續咭
                現凡申請々永久VIP會員即時送你◥一張毅成 HK$50 現金購☆物券*!!
                Present valid VIP member card in person at any RC shops, plus HK$50 of administration free.
                To apply LIFE VIP member card, you can get a HK$50 RC cash coupon* NOW!!

                會員◥專有權益及優惠 Member Benefits


                全年折扣優惠 Discount Offers all over the year


                Member can enjoy 10% off on regular priced items
                all over the year


                VIP Member can enjoy 15% off on regular priced items all over the year
                除了全年折扣優惠我們定期 會為VIP會員提供額外◢尊享優惠
                Except regular discount, we also selected some exclusive offer to our VIP regularly.

                公價貨品及特價貨品除外 Expect fixed priced and special priced items
                2. 額外精選優惠 Extra Seasonal Discount Offers

                On seasonal promotion, we offer extra discount or exclusive offer to members/ VIP members. For those selected items, we will post in our shop and you can check out at our web site.

                3. RC e-news 毅成電子通訊

                Our e-newsletters keep you updated on hot products, 1st hand great offers and store events.
                Latest member
                e-news details>>

                4. 優先預訂服務 Pre Order Service

                會員可享優先預訂最新產品/限量版和減價貨ω 品
                Members have priority to pre-order new arrival/ limited addition/ Sale items.

                5. 2年會籍  2 Years Membership
                續會方法 Renewal of Membership
                  會員  Member

                會員如未能於有效其升級至VIP會員累積收據滿折實價HK$100或以上申請續會會員須携同收據及 過期的會員親臨任何一間分店辦理續會手續

                  VIP會員  VIP Member


                更新會【員地址/ 電子郵件/ 聯絡電話 Update your e-mail/ contact/ address

                會員如須更新電子郵件/ 聯絡電話/ 地址資料可與↑我們店員聯絡或直接發電子郵件到 admin@alink.com.hk .
                You can update your e-mail/ contact/ address to our staff in the shop or sent e-mail to admin@alink.com.hk at any time.


                會員咭使用條款 Member Card Terms & Conditions :

                - 會員購物時必須出示會員咭方可享有特定折扣優惠。
                   Members MUST present the membership card to enjoy the offer before purchasing.

                - 如客戶遺失會員咭,需付行政費○HK$20補發新咭,VIP需付行政費HK$40
                Lost card, member have to paid HK$20 administration free for a new card, VIP member HK$40.

                - 毅成戶外用品公司有權更改此會員計劃之細則及各項優〗惠之條款及而不作另行通知
                  RC Outfitters reserves the rights to change the conditions of usage and offers without prior notice

                - 遇有任何爭議,本公司保留最後決定權。
                Incase of dispute over the offers, the decisions of RC Outfitters shall be final

                - 如有任何查詢,請致電 (852) 2390 0980 或電郵致:admin@alink.com.hk
                For any enquiry, please call Tel: (852) 2390 0980 or e-mail to :admin@alink.com.hk.

                * 現金券使用請參考現金券上使用手則
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                MAP details

                地址 Address : 
                九龍旺角皆老24-26東方大廈五及六樓                                                                    Tel : (852) 2390 0980/ 2390 0072
                (Apple Shop 樓上
                近旺角地鐵站D3出口左邊" 九龍表行" 旁小巷入)
                5/F & 6/F, Oriental House, 24-26 Argyle Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon.

                ( Mongkok MTR Exit D3, left alley next to the " Kowloon Watch " shop, red entrance)

                香港銅鑼灣軒尼詩道467-473號建德豐商業大廈2 (銅鑼灣地鐵C出口,通利琴行旁邊,六福珠寶樓上) Tel : (852) 2390 0020
                2/F, Kin Tak Fung Commercial Bldg, 467-473 Hennessy Road,Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
                (Causeway Bay MTR Exit C, next to Tom Lee Music, G/F is Luk Fook Jewellery. )

                元朗大棠路29-33號大棠樓2樓B (千色廣場對面)                                                                   Tel : (852) 2390 2388

                Flat B, 1/F, Tai Tong Mansion, 29-33 Tai Tong Road, Yuen Long. (Opposite to the Citimall.)


                一田 (荃灣) 裝部毅成戶外用品專櫃 (荃灣廣場第三)                                                       Tel : (一田荃灣熱線) 2803 9107
                YATA (Tsuen Wan) RC Outfitters Counter (
                3/F, Tsuen Wan Plaza)

                一田 (沙田) 男裝部毅成戶外用品專櫃 (新城市廣場第三期)                                                       Tel : (一田沙田熱線) 2469 3038
                YATA (Tai Po) Men's Wear Department RC Outfitters Counter (Tai Po, Mega Mall Zone B)

                一田 (大埔) 男裝部毅成戶外用品專櫃
                Tel : (一田大埔熱線) 3761 1388
                YATA (Tai Po) Men's Wear Department RC Outfitters Counter (Tai Po, Mega Mall Zone B)

                Email: admin@alink.com.hk

                Last modified: October 16, 2013   
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